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The Best Lavender Fields of Provence, France – 2023 Guide

To some, there’s nothing that epitomises the appeal of Provence more than the purple rows of lavender that pepper the landscape every summer. The lavender fields of Provence represent a change of seasons, a ripening of the earth, and a time when life slows to the mercy of the sun’s strong rays.

The Provence lavender fields are among the best in the world, and they’re certainly among the most famous. Come early summer, when the spring poppies have all but disappeared, bright lavender flowers start to transform the already beatific landscape into a patchwork of colour.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll introduce you to the best fields of lavender in Provence, France. 

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Lavender Season in Provence

When does lavender bloom in Provence? This is a question I get asked a lot! And unfortunately, there’s no exact answer. The best time to see lavender in Provence is different depending on where you are in the region, but it also changes year to year.

Despite these variables, here are some guidelines about the best time to visit Provence for lavender:

This guide explains the Provence lavender season in-depth.

Or you can join our Provence Travel Planning Community on Facebook to get live updates!

Provence Lavender Fields in June

  • By late June most Lavender in Provence is in bloom.
  • Luberon is typically the first, closely followed by the Valensole lavender fields.
  • The fine lavender grown in the highest altitudes of Provence is the latest to bloom.

Provence Lavender Fields in July

  • Early July is the best time to visit lavender fields in Provence. The entire region is peppered with vibrant purple fields. And, if you get in before the school holidays (which normally start after the first week of July), you’re more likely to beat the crowds.
  • From mid-July lavender fields start to be harvested in the Valensole plateau.
  • The upper Luberon lavender fields and the Château du Bois fine lavender are generally harvested around the 15th of July.
  • The lower Luberon (around Lourmarin), the Valensole lavender fields and those around Sisteron are harvested later in July, typically around the 25th of July.

Provence Lavender Fields in August

  • If you’re visiting Provence in August you may be worried about missing out on seeing the lavender fields at all, but there are still a few lavender fields in bloom in August.
  • Aim for the Sault lavender fields or around Banon to find lavender in bloom until the 10th of August.

Best Places to find Lavender in Provence, France

Fragrant lavender fields can be found popping up everywhere in Provence in summer. It’s the most famous crop of the region and one that has held significant importance for the people of Provence for centuries.

But the lavender fields of Provence aren’t just a source of pride for the locals; they’re also a key Provence attraction that draws in visitors from around the world, year after year.

I’m going to introduce the best places to see lavender in Provence, focusing on three main areas: The Valensole Plateau, Sault Plateau, and the Luberon Valley.

An important note – some lavender farmers in Provence have put up fences surrounding part of their farms in an effort to thwart visitor numbers. If you enter any Lavender fields in Provence, please remember to be respectful! Or these temporary measures may have to become permanent. Tread lightly, only walk between the rows (not over them), and never pick the flowers…

Sault lavender fields itinerary

Provence Lavender Fields Map

The below map illustrates where to see lavender fields in Provence. There are other areas, but these regions have the highest concentration of lavender farms in Provence, so you won’t waste your time traversing the landscape unnecessarily (unless you want to)!

where to find the best lavender fields of Provence, France

Valensole Lavender Fields in Provence

The Valensole Plateau is famous the world over for its lavender fields, but it’s also home to impressive historical sites, golden fields of wheat and sunflowers, charming Provençal villages, and deep turquoise lakes.

Perhaps the most famous village in the Valensole Plateau is deservedly that of Valensole itself. This colourful village sits elevated above the plateau, with the 11th century St Blaise church at its helm.

Pastel coloured houses crowd the narrow streets and the hidden gardens beckon you to discover their secrets. Take a pause here on your tour of the lavender fields of Valensole to take a stroll, sample lavender-laced delicacies, or sit in a curbside cafe for lunch.

At the other end of the Valensole Plateau lies Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon, a picturesque village hanging on the hillside overlooking the vast lac de Sainte-Croix.

Valensole lavender fields in Provence, France

Map of the Valensole Lavender Fields

There’s no doubt that the Valensole Plateau creates the most popular Provence lavender route. Some of the most amazing lavender farms in Provence can be found here among the fields of golden wheat and full-faced sunflowers. And it’s the birthplace of many an iconic photo of Provence lavender.

The landscape here is fairly flat but it has just the right amount of gently swelling soil to give the rigid rows of lavender some dimension, creating the swoon-worthy fields you’re no doubt longing for. Stone cottages and crumbling farmhouses add interest in just the right places.

To make the most of this photographic region of Provence, you’ll need a car to get around. You can hire one here.

Update – I created a Valensole lavender itinerary based on the most beautiful fields this year (plus lovely villages and viewpoints). Read it here!

Field #1

This expansive lavender field is unmissable as you drive along Route de Manosque towards Valensole.

On your right-hand side, you’ll be drawn to the sight of seemingly endless rows of lavender. Pull off into the small gravel road and park on the grassy verge to explore.

Sunflowers & Lavender

Opposite field #1 you’ll find a beautiful sunflower field backed by an ancient olive grove on one side, and lavender on the other. Leave your car where it is, and carefully walk across the road to reach it.

Once you’re done with the sunflower selfies, hop up the road to Les Grandes Marges for ice cream, or to sample the fruits of their lavender & olive farm.

Field #2 – Terraroma

Terraroma is an iconic lavender farm in Provence, and it’s a beautiful spot for photos. Park opposite the lavender field, by the distillery, and take care crossing the road. Wander up the divide between the lavender fields and you’ll find respite from the crowds, and another less frequented lavender field behind.

This Valensole lavender field is a great place to photograph groups, as there are wider lanes between the rows of lavender.

Field #3 – Lavandes Angelvin

Valensole lavender fields.

A short stroll past the sunflower fields will have you arriving at Lavandes Angelvin – home to some of the more famous Provence lavender fields. With seemingly endless rows of purple perfection, only interrupted by a few well-placed trees, it’s a spot that well deserves its reputation.

Field #4

This lavender field isn’t nearly as busy as some of the others listed above, and yet it is picture-perfect!

A very large lavender field that had a decent-sized slope at one end – making for great photos. If you’re planning a photoshoot and don’t want to compete with the crowds, this could be a great option.

Field #5

This field I discovered a few seasons ago, and it’s become a firm favourite. Especially at sunset, when the pastel hues in the sky match the lavender perfectly!

The gently undulating land, the perfectly placed stone cottage, the bushy rows of lavender – just perfection. Park opposite the field and you’ll need to walk through the fields (carefully!) to reach the best viewpoint for the cottage.

Field #6

This is the only marker on the map that isn’t precise, as there are extensive fields all along this road between Puimoisson and Valensole.

I’d highly recommend taking a drive down here, as it’s a tranquil area, where you can absolutely find your own spot to explore.

Field #7

Driving away from Puimisson, towards Riez, you’ll find a remarkable lavender field with a traditional stone house placed perfectly among the purple rows. For the best vantage point, drive up the small dirt road to the left of the field.

You’ll need to get here well before sunset, as around an hour before the sun sinks, the front of the field becomes dark and shaded.

Field #8

A smaller field, but perfectly formed and very quiet. The light at sunset was just perfect for portraits or family photos. 

There’s a small area to pull over off the road just opposite this sunset spot.

Field #9

Between Riez and Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon, rows of lavender hide behind a canopy of trees.

It’s a good place to find solitude among the buds. There are some unsightly pylons far in the distance, but they shouldn’t cause too much of a problem for the creative photographer!

Field #10

This is one of the less frequented Valensole lavender fields, and also one of the largest.

Lavender fields of Valensole, Provence, France

With a gently swelling landscape (the hill becomes more pronounced on the eastern end), bright orange soil, and a rugged mountainous backdrop – it’s one not to miss!

Remember, you can read more about these lavender fields in Valensole, plus many more in this itinerary.

Sault Lavender Fields in Provence

The fortified village of Sault sits on a ridge wedged between a thick wooded forest on one side and a rolling agricultural valley on the other. Well-preserved and brimming with history, it’s worth wandering through the medieval streets to sample the unique flair of this northern Provençal village.

Be sure to pop into the nougat factory for a taste, and pick up a walking tour map from the local tourist office, which will guide you around the old town.

Map of the Sault Lavender Fields

The road leading to Sault offers views over a plateau awash with lavender. It’s here that you realise the immense scale of lavender production in this area of Provence.

More concentrated than in the Valensole Plateau, the lavender fields of Sault (and the surrounding plateau d’Albion) are best explored on a bike, or by foot. There’s a 5.7km “lavender path” that will lead you through some of the finest fields. To walk it, park at the public car park just after the Vallon distillery on D164.

If exploring by bike or by car, follow the suggested lavender route below.

Provence lavender map

Update – I created a Sault lavender itinerary based on the most beautiful fields this year (plus lovely villages and distilleries). Read it here!

Field #1

Sault lavender fields in Provence, France

This lavender field rests against an agrarian backdrop of stone terraces and an old stone tower. Look in the other direction, and you’ll have an incredible view of Mont Ventoux.

Field #2

Lavender field in Sault, Provence, France

A petite field, it’s no less impressive as it perfectly frames the hillside village of Aurel and mountains in the background. A beautiful spot to have a picnic under the shady trees that surround it.

Field #3

Sault lavender field in Provence, France

This lavender field is on the Sault lavender walk, you’ll pass it near the beginning. A lovely stone hut rests at the end of a sloping field, and there are other fields with huts tucked off the road behind this one.

Field #4

Lavender field near Aurel in Provence, France

This perfectly groomed lavender field rests below the small village of Aurel. It’s just as stunning from above, in the village, as it is up close. So try to take in both perspectives.

Field #5

Lavender field with bories near Ferrassières in Provence, France

The vibrant lavender contrasts brilliantly with these old stone bories in a field just north of Ferrassières.

Remember, you can read more about these lavender fields in Sault, plus many more in this itinerary.

Luberon Lavender Fields of Provence

The Luberon valley is my favourite area of Provence. A place where hilltop villages collide with dramatic scenery and history is ingrained in its soul. A place to go for a drive through whimsical roads, a walk through fragrant foliage, or to explore the cobbled lanes and advantageous views of its villages.

The Luberon is an artist’s earthy-toned palate. It’s where fiery red canyons slice through a dark green forest. Where serrated hills meet preened vineyards. And golden stones create both ancient conical houses and modern-day mansions. In essence, it’s the perfect place to get acquainted with the ‘real’ Provence.

Map of the Luberon Lavender Fields

Lavender fields in the Luberon Valley aren’t as highly concentrated as those in the Valensole or Sault plateaux. But this means finding them is as easy as going for a Sunday drive.

Winding through country lanes, you’re sure to find a field or two between the vineyards and olive groves. There are a few spots where you’re guaranteed to find Luberon lavender fields in bloom every year though, including some of the most iconic lavender fields in Provence!

Update – I created a Luberon lavender itinerary based on the most beautiful fields this year (plus lovely villages and viewpoints). Read it here!

#1 Sénanque Abbey

Abbey de Senanque near Gordes in Provence, France

This monastery set in a wooded valley not far from Gordes is one of the best places to see Provence lavender. The unique backdrop of the stone abbey offsets the purple lavender beautifully. During the Sénanque Abbey lavender season, crowds descend on the Luberon to get a glimpse of this iconic scene. Combine it with a trip inside the Sénanque Abbey for a truly memorable trip.

#2 Between the villages of the Luberon

The Luberon lavender fields - Provence lavender route

At the midway point between Gordes, Lacoste and Bonnieux, you’ll find a large cluster of lavender fields that are perfectly framed by the three villages. One in particular (where the marker is) is home to a beautiful large stone mas, which breaks up the purple perfectly. Find exact coordinates, and more fields in this area, here.

#3 Rustrel

Between the pretty, petite village of Rustrel and the incredible landscapes of the Colorado Provençal, you’ll find lavender fields crisscrossing between the bucolic country lanes.

#4 Les Agnels

The fields surrounding this lavender distillery near Apt are divine. Starting at the intersection of the D232 and D113 you’ll notice immense lavender fields on both sides of the road. If you’re travelling from the lower Luberon (Lourmarin, Bonnieux) this will be your first stop.

Carry on down the road towards Apt and you’ll find many fields worthy of your attention. The one in the photo above is taken just after the distillery, heading downhill.

#5 Château du Bois

Fine Lavender Tour Provence. Chateau du Bois Lavender Farm.

The Château du Bois lavender farm is located high in the Luberon, at 1100m above sea level, in a village called Lagarde-d’Apt. Growers of true lavender, it’s here you have a more delicate bud and a finer fragrance, than in the lower elevations of Provence.

The Château du Bois lavender farm can only be visited by an organised private tour in early July – read more about the experience here.

Remember, you can read more about these lavender fields in the Luberon, plus many more in this itinerary.

Where to Stay to Explore the Lavender Fields in Provence France

In order to make the most of your time in Provence, I’d recommend staying central to explore the other delights of the region. Here are some suggestions, or you can read my full guide to the best places to stay in Provence.

The Luberon Valley is a great place to see the lavender of Provence, France


Aix-en-Provence is a fabulous city full of culture, festive ambience, and Provençal charm. It’s an excellent place to stay to take day trips around Provence, and it’s not too much of a drive to all three lavender regions detailed above. Alternatively, you can take a lavender tour from Aix-en-Provence.

Best places to stay in Aix-en-Provence – Read our full guide here


Avignon is a city brimming with history and old-world grandeur. Like Aix, there are many day trips from Avignon that will round up your perfect holiday in Provence. 

Avignon is closer to the Sault and Luberon lavender fields, but it’s still possible to drive or take a tour to the Valensole lavender fields.

Best places to stay in Avignon – Read our full guide here


If you want to be knee-deep in French village living, head for the Luberon Valley. Take your pick of charming hilltop villages to stay in and enjoy driving the country lanes lined with lavender fields.

Best places to stay in the Luberon

Provence Lavender Tours

If you don’t have a car to explore the lavender farms of Provence on your own, it’s entirely possible to visit some of the finest fields with a half or full-day lavender tour. See some options below, or click on the links to find the perfect lavender tour to suit you!


Visiting the Provence lavender fields is an incredible event that will leave you spellbound. Whichever of these lavender routes in Provence you decide to take, or indeed if you experience them all, you are sure to have an unforgettable time in Provence.

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Looking for the best lavender fields in Provence, France? This comprehensive guide to the Provence lavender fields details where to find the best lavender fields, where to stay, and the best lavender routes in Provence!

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Friday 13th of May 2022

Hello Nadine! Thank you so much for such a wonderful website. Do you know of any Lavender fields between Aix-en-Provence and Le Lavandou? We are driving there in the second week of July this year. Thank you so much in advance!

Nadine Maffre

Friday 13th of May 2022

Hello! I know a few just north of Aix, but none on that side.. The closest would be Terre Ugo (


Thursday 4th of November 2021

Hi Nadine! What an amazingly informative site with stunning photos!!! My husband and I are planning a trip to the lavender fields in Provence the first week of July 2022. We have thought about renting a car and driving ourselves around. Is this feasible? Will the navigation work and are there places to get gas, etc. Will there be places to park a car in villages?

Nadine Maffre

Monday 15th of November 2021

Hello! Yes, this is usually what I recommend people do, in order to make the most of the region. The villages all have car parks, some bigger than others, depending on the popularity! And yes, phone navigation is usually fine, but there isn't always good reception, so having a GPS is a good backup :)

E. Thai

Monday 28th of June 2021

I love lavender, and this post has some awesome photos and info! I can't wait to come visit in the not-too-distant future. What's the best way to come from either Paris or Grenoble?

In the meantime, I'm looking to purchase some lavender. What website is best? Thanks, and have a great day!


Sunday 27th of June 2021

Hi Nadine: Such helpful and beautiful articles you have. We just had the opportunity to book a trip to Provence. We arrive to Marseille Sunday July 18th 2021. We arrive around 10am. I heard the valensole lavender festival takes place the 3rd Sunday in July, which would be that’s day. A few questions: do you recommend it? Until what time the festivities last? do you think if we rent a car at the airport we will be able to make it ? And then, considering we will be there 5 days july18-23 what areas you recommend we visit? Thank you for any tip you can provide! Gaby

Nadine Maffre

Saturday 17th of July 2021

Hi Gaby, unfortunately, the lavender festival has been cancelled again this year. So I wouldn't bother with a trip to Valensole if lavender is your main reason - most of the fields will have been harvested by that time. You could drive up to Sault though - see my detailed itinerary:


Wednesday 9th of June 2021

Hello Nadine, Thank you for the excellent guide. I am visiting Provence from July 16-23, 2021. Based on the weather and bloom this year, do you think there will be any good lavender fields in bloom and if so where do you think will be best? Thank you very much!

Nadine Maffre

Saturday 17th of July 2021

Hi Andrew, Sault would be best at that time. You may still find a few fields around the Luberon and Valensole, but most will have been harvested.

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